Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mothers day

For me every day is mother day these one i gived my mom some flowers and a big kiss. My mom is the most important person in the world for me it was a shame that she hade to work that day but it doesn't matter because like always i was thinking in her the 24 hours of the day. I went whit my boyfriend and my best friend to expend the day whit my family we hade a great time we eat like pigs, we played all day and we hade a nice time all togueder but we maid a promise to my mom that on this weekend that she is off from her job and i don't have to work eather we are going to take a trip to philadelfia we are going to relax from everythink job, school and we are yust gonna concentratein having a nice time togueter, i hope my mom enjoys the trip because i will im going to be whit her.


The cops in this country are so diferent from the ones in my country. For example in my country if you do something wrong and a cop stops you one of the first words that are going to come out of theit mouth is tell me ho much money you have and we can work something, but all that is the goverments fall because they don't pay them enogh money they always play whit their benefits and they don't leave this cops another option but to be curropt officers. It's very diferent whit the cops in this country they don't have to be corrupts officers because they have good paycheck, benefits and for them it's an honor to serve their country but that is the way it should be that way you are able to do thinks here that you will never do in another country like living your car in the street, walking out of a place late in the nigth and the most important they will respect your ritghs.


Time some days you witch that the day hade 26 hours. Here in this country we are always living taking a look on the clock, and thinking im not gonna have time to do all the stuff that i need to do, like in my situation whit my job sometimes is impomsible to go to class because my job is not in a company were i can say i need to go i have class it's diferent for me wen you work whit kids it's hard to make other plans because yo never know wen are they gonna get sick or wen their fathers are gonna have a problem in their jobs abd their going to be late but seen this from another angle is good what this country has having aschedule for everything thats organitation and that is the only way that thinks in your life are gonna go stray even knowing that sometimes it can be so extresfull.


It is so important to have a car in this country that here you have it because you need it. In my country is diferent whit the people of my age, if person of my age has a car is because their fathers have a lot of money but here is so indespensable and so easy having one that you can even get one for 300 dollars. I was so happy the first time that i hade a car because i was gonna be able to take my mom to her job, i was gonna have the chance to visit my family and also go on a trip whit my mom but the bad think about the cars is that whit time it makes you lazy, for example it doesn't matter if the laundry place is one block away from your house if you don't take your car you are gonna say is not that im being lazy is yust that my bag is so heavy, and the other think that you have to deal whit having a car is traffic but well like i said is so important to have one.

Cell phone

The must funny think happend last week. i was in my house whit my boyfriend watching t.v. then he said ill be rith back im going to the bathroom, i star to think wy is he taking so long and then he came out whit that sad look in his face and he told me baby i drop the cellphone in the toilet i cudent stop lafing, and he was like nothing never happend whit wy cellphone and no this yust wen im about to end the contract, know im gonna have to by a new cellphone then he look at me and he told baby if you want you can stop lafing know is already been an hour, and i said ok baby and 1 minute later i was already telling my mom, and my best friend what happend o and thats not all the next day i told my boss and she cudent stop lafing ethear.

Monday, May 09, 2005


It is so sad that they are still people that base an opinion of you because of your color of skin, or your language. Those people in my opinion are ignorants, they don't know what love is they don't realize that we are all sons of the same father and that he loves everybody the same way i don't understand wy can we live toguether like brothers and share a table in peace it's not write that we have places for people because of their skin color we have to be more patience, we have to give more love lets try to make a diference, lets erase that stupid thod and lets act all like brothers im shore it's not hard and if we try it we can get along better, we have to copy the good thinks from our leaders and our heros we are all the same and we have to make it better for our kids.


It is so great wen you fell those butterflies in your stomag for somebody like the way i feel for my boyfriend. I fell so happy whit him he makes me fell so good since the moment we star daiting hes been there for me, to support me in every decision that i maked in my life, he makes me understand wen im wrong, his always there for me,there is been times wen i am so extress for my job and my school that i explode and he never change he always come whit somethink that makes me think that it's not the end of the world. I love him so much and im so happy that he gets along whit my mom that makes me very happy it is so good and it fell so well wen you know that you have a person that it' s always gonna be there for you and that wen they tell you those words i love you they say them from the botton of there harts i love him.


I remember that wen i was a kid i had the dream of becoming a movie star. But i think that every kid has that dream wen thay where kids i remember watching all those movies and thinking i can do these it's gotta be easy then i try teather in school and it wasent as easy as i thod from that moment on i star thinking i have to star dreaming whit somethink else thats wen i develope pasion for nursing, because i like to help people especially little kids it breaks my hart wen i see kids suffering, kids in pain they are so little and they can defend there selfs that makes me think that i am gonna be a great mother well i learned from the best my mom and i am not gonna rest until i maked my dream come true becoming a nurse.


The piece of papper that everybody wants. If we go back in history we will realice that money has been always important for mankind, they made us belive that a person whit money was the most important, and that is not true a person is important in my opinion not for the money that they have but for the good person that cut be, if we see moust of the people that didn't have money and in one lucky chance they getted, they forgot were they came from, and that is the part of you that you should never lose. If money is everythink can it saved you from dead, no it will make you be around people that are only whit because of what you have not for what you are, becarefull if you get the chance to be bless whit money used in the good way, ofcorse by stuff for you but don't forget does that don't have the chanceto haved it like you helped them and you will fell and be a great human ben.


The think that we don't like to do but we have to. Work can be so extresfull sometimes, it makes you wanna send everythink to hell, you have this coworkers that they are a pain in the ass, and the other ones that will like you to lose your head, and you have to deal whit this caracters almost every single day of your life, but not everythink and everyone is bad you have the good friends that you find in your job for example you those people that wen they know that you are new in the job they are always trien to help you so you don't make that many mistakes, weel work is the place that you go, you work, get mad, get extress and in the end come whit a big smile when is friday you know you are not gonna see the place for 2 days, oh and the other good time is payday.


Our home the place to relax from all the problems. I remember wen i was a little girl back in my country my cousins and me loved the weekends because in my family it was a tradition that every single weekend we got out of the city, it was so cool because we always wen to the forest were you can see all the nature, the animals, flowers,tress and the moust beautiful lakes, i remember playing whit my cousins in the water for hours, and the adults they looked and acted so diferent from the workink days they looked in peace. We don't need especial centers to relax, or any kind of medecine we have what we need in front of our eyes, we yust need to take advantage of all the beautiful thinks that god gived us the nature is the place to be wen you think that everythink sucks.


The family, your blood the people the you remember since you have memory. That is the one that supports you that is going to be there for you in the good moments, but espescially when you are down know in the world is sad how we see the teens, our future hangin out whit this losers that they call family, this garbage that is driven our kids in the rong road. Wehave to be close in this days whit our family be involved in our family members life show them that they have a person that it' s always going to be there for them it will be so nice if we can go 20 years ago and remember wen we yust to play whit our grantfathers, wen we went to the supermarket whit our mom, but no know it's diferent the kids in this time there are more deboted to stangers that they call brothers and to those video games, less try to put the family more united, remember they are the only ones that care for you no matter what.


What a fantastic food fruts are. Some of them are so sweet, and other ones so sour, but anyway most of them are so delicius, the good think about fruts is that you can use them for many thinks. Like for apetizers, desert, mixed them whit other fruts, even whit other foods like having banana whit ice cream and candys that will be a nice desert, or you can put a bunch of fruts in a bowl and make a frut salad, it is very important to teach the kids that they have to eat fruts so they can have a healthier live in the future. You have many fruts to pick and we need them in our daily diet so less go do somethink smart and good for your body, star eating fruts and less say no to fast food that it's only going to bring us problems whit our health.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


The most beautiful gift that god gived us. They are so inocent, so charming and so lovely that is so hard to face the fact that some day they are going to grow up and move away from you and have their own babys. But wen you have them like that it's so important to be whit them every single second of their life, you don't want to miss anythink, you want to teach them ho to eat, ho to talk and every single think that comes out of their mouth makes you wanna huged them and kiss them forever, it's true they are little angels and wen we get the chance to become fathers we are going to realize all the love that our fathers gived us, thats way we are always going to be a baby to our mom. A baby our future, the angels of our life, the reason of everythink the only especial little think that makes life better.


The hall universe is full of stars, being the sun the biggest one. It's amazing haw big is the universe, the way the planets are located, and the way the stars are always shining they look so small wen we see them in the sky but the true is that they are so far away the we only see a little part of them. They say that they are stars even bigger than our planet, you can only think and be impres whit all the creations that god made and the stars is like your life wen you die your star will yust go off, i guess that is the reason wy they are all away up in the sky. I wish that every human had the chance to go to the stars it has to be heaven, probably and the time you will be abel to say i got the hall world in my hands and it looks so beautiful i hope that we cane keep it like that.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


The oldest job in the world, it's amazing how much money this people get for doing this. I don't agree whit the womens and mens that make their lives out of this but i respect them. Because i think there is other ways to make money and take care of your family, but anyway i consider the womens that do this only because they have to, it has to be discusting having another person tuchin you, and having plesure whit your body when the only think that you want to do it's vomit, but in the other hand you have other people that really they don't have no morals, and they will go and destroy a marriage yust for placer, they don't care if there is kids envolve and that is a real shame. I wonder how do this people live whit there selfs, i don't think it's easy but it's a crazy world and anithink cane happend.


Today we have in the world a lot of advances that is suppost to make our life easer. But in some ways i don't see it like that, because it's not that i want to sound pesimist, but a lot of the tecnology the we have know is replacen us in our jobs. For example we can find machines that can do the job of 20 persons at the same time, and that is what the big companies are looking for, they don't care about the people they only care about the money they are not gonna worry wen a father doesn't have any food for his family basicaly what they are doing is oh you have been great for this company for the past 30 years but to be honest whit you we don't need you anymore , we already have a machine that doesn't get tired, or ask for personal days to be whit the family so scru you and get the hell out of my building, well we have somethink to say to this big companies to F.U.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


The Gillete Castle State Park: it look like a medieval fortress, William Hooker actor, directorand...built this castle.is beutifull.

Glenn Close is an elegant star he had biing in many movies like fatal attraction.

It was the last year when Hukies,Uconn basketball team won the national champion. girls and boys.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


One of the worst thinks that we have in the world. This devil doesn't respect sex, age, color, race or if you are rich or poor, we can fined it any were, and as soon as it graves you it's almost imposible to get out of this. Sometimes this devil make his presens when you are having problems, and you think that this will be the best way out but it's not, you will fined people that they say you are my friend, lets tray this it's only going to be this time we have to enjoy life, but le me tell you somethink that it's flushing your life down the toilet, if you by mistake meet those kined of caracters in your life youst say NO you have to beat this devil, and if you have a friend that have this problem make him understand that you will only have two options whit drugs one is dead, and the other one jail, love yourself and do a favor to you and to the ones you love youst say NO.


Why god, why all the good food have to make you fat, can you please change it, like lets say vegetables they are bad for you they will make you fat don't eatem, it's better if you have this junior bacon cheese burger whit fries, and of curse desert a big icecream. But series eating it's one of the best thinks to do, especially when you are coming tired from work, you are hungry and mom it's waiting for you whit this delicius plate in the table, you star eating, and you don't want that moment to end, and when that happens you fell sad, but then you will star thinking it's ok tomorrow it's gonna be even better my mom it's making my favorite dish and i will enjoy it, oh well after all this i fell hungry i hope i don't gain to much pounds.


What it's wrong whit the world in this days, goverments are looking for any excuse to go on war, people are full of anger, there is no patience, sometimes you ask for help and they will youst ignore you. We need to change, we need to create a better place in the future for our kids, if we don't star doing something it's going to be a very ugly picture for them. Like if we are having a bad day lets think in something positive, relax, go to a place and drink a coffe, read a book or youst smile, it's better doing all this thinks that will bring all the positives fellings from your heart. Lets do it for one day and we will see how beautiful life can be, this world it's to good and it's full of great things lets set an example for our leaders, because we know they are full of .......... Like i sade lets make a better place for our kids.


I learnd i little bit about sports because of my boyfriend, he is crazy about soccer, and wresetling. I love when colombia is playing, i cheer for the team, i curse the players in the other squad, and it's fun, my boyfriend is always explained me why the refere is calling that play and i think it's not fear, and when he knows that i didn't understand a single word that he told me he will youst say, baby take all your anger on the refere, say sometime bad about his mom, anyway hes used to that. But whit wresetling it's even funnier because he even tells me, baby this is all fiction, this is not true, they have scripts, but sometimes i still belive that they are in real pain. I told my boyfriend that one day i will take him to a wresetling show, he was so happy, and i was happy to because even if i don't like sports that much, i youst fell great expending time whit him.


My favorite is the dog especially a lab they are so cute, and lovely they are so fun it's like a baby. They are so protective, kids love this kind of dogs because they want to play all the time, but you also gotta teach them good manners, like not drinking from the toilet, no barking inside the house and a lot of stuff. The dog that i take care of in the house that i work it's beautiful, hes so smart, he knows at what time he has to eat, hes nice to the babys, well he youst want to play, everytime that we have to go out hes the first one in the door, and when you tell him no you are not going, he gives you this look of please take me im a good dog and you can say no. It doesn't matter if we have snow, or if we have 100 degrees outside all his live is a game, it's good to have him around especially in those days that you are felling down he will put a smile in your face.


The holy week, it's a tradition in my country this week, but down there we celebrated in a very diferent way. Well to staralmost nobody it's working that week, there it's no school, and the only think that the families are doing it's praying, we also visit all the churches in the city, it;s a week of reflexion, it's a week to think about all the bad stuff that we did in the past year. But here it's youst another week, it's sad that we got all the atention for work and money, we don't even have one week to dedicated to god, we always say it's the stress of my work, or from school, or we youst say i don't have time, but it's amazing that when we have a problem we found the time to talk to god. And i include my self in this, lets youst stop what we doing for five minutes only and talk to god and you will see that you are going to feel a little better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005